7 Photos that Will Inspire You to Visit Amsterdam

December 29, 2016 0 Comments

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, however its beauty is often overshadowed by the notorious Red Light District and 420 friendly attitude. This post aims to show the lighter side of Amsterdam and why you should visit even if “its not your style”. Before visiting Amsterdam, I didn’t know just how much the ‘Venice of the North’ had to offer. Here are 7 photos that will inspire you to visit Amsterdam.

Visit Amsterdam Architecture

Ever wonder why Amsterdam’s renowned houses are so skinny and tall? Due to limited space, the city was forced to put a tax on the width of buildings. The buildings also lean slightly forward so that furniture could be lifted through the upper windows using a pulley system. This is a result of the buildings’ narrow staircases.

Visit Amsterdam

One thing that impressed me about Amsterdam is that the city is extremely clean! Additionally, Amsterdam is highly walk-able which makes it a great destination for budget travel.

Visit Amsterdam Bicycles

Biking is a very popular mode of transportation in Amsterdam. If you plan to visit Amsterdam in the spring or summer months, then carve out some time to rent bicycles and explore the city like locals.

Visit Amsterdam Canals

Fun Fact: There are more canals in Amsterdam than there are in Venice, Italy. Amsterdam has 165 Canals while Venice, famous for its canals, has 150. Hence, Amsterdam earned the nickname ‘Venice of the North’.

Visit Amsterdam Houseboats

Amsterdam’s canals are littered with houseboats. You can rent one for your stay or bunk in a houseboat hostel. We roomed at the Hostel AmicitiA Houseboat and really enjoyed it.

Visit Amsterdam Bridges

There are 1281 bridges in Amsterdam. This puts Amsterdam in one of the top spots for cities with the most bridges in the world.

Visit Amsterdam Flowers

Although we missed the tulip season in Amsterdam (we visited at the end of June), there were still plenty of blossoms around the city.

Architecture, canals, flowers and bridges make Amsterdam a beautiful city to visit for any traveler.

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