My Favorite Winter Boots for Travel

January 28, 2018 1 Comments

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Winter fashion is seriously the best. I love being able to bundle up with layers and I love winter boots! They are so comfortable and there are so many different styles out there. Here are my favorite winter boots for travel.

Remonte Elaine Ankle Boot

I love the Remonte Elaine Ankle Boot because they are casual, comfortable and light weight. They can be worn casually or dressed up. I wear mine with jeans or with a dress and leggings. They are great for traveling because they don’t take up a ton of space in your luggage and because they are incredibly comfortable.

winter boots for travel

Felicitas 43 Boot by Rieker Antistress

I’m obsessed with my Felicitas 43′ Boot by Rieker Antistress. They are warm and surprisingly water resistant. I have worn them in the snow/rain and my feet always stay dry. I get so many compliments on these shoes and people are always asking where I bought them. Truth is, I didn’t. They were a gift!

Winter Travel Shoes

The Felicitas 43 come in a bunch of funky colors. I wore mine so much that I got another pair. My favorite thing about these boots is that they are rugged enough to wear on casual hikes, but also fashionable so I can wear them in the city. I like being able to wear them with workout clothes or casual jeans and a cute top.

Joan of Arctic by Sorel

The Joan of Arctic by Sorel is not for every winter trip. These boots are seriously INTENSE. They are heavy and take up a ton of space in luggage. However, they are super fashionable and really warm. I would only recommend traveling with Joan of Arctic boots if you are headed to one destination (not backpacking) where you know you will be trudging through snow in extremely cold weather. Otherwise it is not worth lugging them around.

I want to note that these boots are good for walking in the snow, but they are not ideal for hiking. They were designed with warmth, water resistance and fashion in mind. I was literally chased down by someone in the airport (I was wearing them so I didn’t have to pack them) to find out what brand they were.Winter Travel Boots

Warning: none of these boots are cheap. I’m normally all about budget fashion, but I just love these boots so I wanted to share! I actually received most of these as Christmas gifts so I wasn’t the one throwing down the cash.

I have learned over the years that it is worth paying a higher price to get quality gear (boots, backpacks, suitcases, etc.). However, I suggest shopping around to find the best price. I bought my Joan of Arctic boots from a used gear store for a whopping $40.  (Woohoo, I love a good deal!) I also bought my favorite Ahnu hiking boots from an REI Garage sale for $50. It is possible to find these brand names for cheaper if you are on a budget.

Winter Boots for Travel

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