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October 10, 2017 1 Comments

Sometimes I find myself asking ‘why do I even blog? What’s the point of it all?’. I don’t blog to make money or to become famous. So what do I get out of blogging? What does the world take away from it? Am I making a difference with my blog? 

Because I am a social worker

I often feel that if I am not helping people or making a difference then whatever I’m doing is not important. This is such a negative way of thinking! I blog because I enjoy it and that should be enough. Self care is so important for social workers or anyone in a helping profession. We should never feel guilty or embarrassed for doing something that makes us happy.

Personally, I really enjoy the creative side of blogging.

Photography, graphic design, writing and web design are all forms of art that can be incorporated into blogging. I have found that art and creativity are a great outlet for stress. I am able to forget about the sad stories I have heard at work and create something beautiful when I blog.

But as usual, haters gonna hate.

People are always going to judge you, no matter what. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to share my blog on social media for fear of judgement. I know this is stupid, but as humans we all care about what others think about us. So today I am sharing with all of my friends, haters and readers that I blog to forget about the horrible stories I have heard that day at work and I blog to remember all of the awesome adventures that I have had. I blog to inspire others to explore the world, but mostly I blog to make myself happy.

Why do you blog?

Now I am wondering why others blog. Is it to make money? Share an important message? To act as a creative outlet? Is blogging a means to an end or is it a passion?

If you don’t blog, you should start!

I would encourage everyone to start a blog. It’s free! And it gives you something productive to do instead of watching TV or swiping through social media. Find your inspiration! You can blog about anything! I love to travel, but I can’t travel all of the time. So I blog about it! It is a way for me to connect with the travel lifestyle without traveling full time.

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