9 Gifts Every Travel Girl Will Love

November 16, 2017 0 Comments

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What do you buy for a girl who cares more about experiences and seeing the world than things? A trip around the world of course! But seriously, girls who love to travel are some of the hardest people to buy gifts for because if it doesn’t fit in her backpack, then she’s not taking it. Here’s my list of 9 gifts that every travel girl will love.

1. Leak Proof Water Bottle

Every travel girl needs a lightweight, leak proof water bottle to use during her travels. Whether she is into hiking, laying on the beach or wandering the city streets it is imperative to stay hydrated, especially when fighting jet lag. It is essential that any water bottle you purchase for a globetrotting gal is leak proof. I have had way too many water bottles leak in my bag and ruin my stuff. 

2. Wide Angle, Fish Eye or Macro Lens for iPhone/Android

Okay so this is clearly not a gift for the serious photographer. But for those of us who dabble, this gift can be seriously fun! I received a wide angle/macro lens for Christmas last year and I love it! They are super easy to use and you can take the lens on an off at any moment. I have taken some pretty awesome photos with both of my lenses and I love that they don’t take up much room in my bag. This gift is also great for those of us trying to stay within our holiday budget. You can find good deals on Amazon for anywhere between $10 and $30.

3. Travel Journal

Every traveler needs a journal to keep a record of their journey. I enjoy writing about my adventures to pass the time while flying or traveling via train. My journal also allows me to jot down the many ideas I think of for my blog posts while I am traveling. Although some may argue that a phone or tablet could be used in place of a journal, I find it much more stress relieving (and poetic) to keep a paper journal.

4. Kindle Gift Card

Travel girls need a way to entertain themselves while en route to their destinations and it is just not feasible to carry several books in one’s luggage due to the weight. Thankfully, the Kindle and Kindle App have solved this problem for avid travelers. I never go on a trip without my Kindle Fire. So give your travel girl the gift of entertainment!

5. Trustworthy & Trendy Camera Strap

A comfortable and unique camera strap is a must for every trendy travel girl. As a Christmas present to myself, I am ordering this camera strap from Etsy. I love it because it is stylish and can be used as a cross body strap. I can’t wait to try it out!!!

6. Starbucks Gift Card

Let’s face it, traveling isn’t always glamorous, there are 5am wake up calls, long days spent at the airport and 10 hour train rides. So it’s basically a fact that every jet setter will eventually need a pick me up to beat the jet lag blues. The great thing about Starbucks? It’s in many major airports and big cities around the world.

7. GoPro Accessories

Is your travel girl a serious scuba diver/ocean lover? If so, find out if she has a GoPro! There are so many accessories for GoPros, especially for snorkeling and diving. I have the Super Suit, dive filter and waterproof selfie stick for my Hero 5 that I used while diving the Great Barrier Reef. It was amazing!! If your girl prefers to stay on land, the dual battery charger for the GoPro is the perfect way to go. With this accessory, she will have enough battery life to get all the footage she desires.

8. A Sentimental Gift

Personally, my favorite gifts are those that have meaning. I collect coins from every country that I travel to and so one year my mom took some of those coins and had them turned into a beautiful bracelet. I love it because it was thoughtful and unique. I challenge you to think about what is meaningful to your loved one. Etsy has some really awesome inspiration!

9. Passport Holder

To the girl who loves to travel, her passport is one of her most prized possessions. A sturdy and stylish passport cover can be both practical and fun. A variety of stellar options can be found on Amazon or Etsy. This is another great budget gift idea as you can find quite a few for under $20.00.Happy Shopping!

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